Cel Mai Bun Film Prost (Best Worst Movie) is a narrative podcast about a movie that went missing without a trace.

It’s a quirky, fun and sometimes dark story about Alex, who tries to find a 13 year old film that he worked on as a sound engineer. The story of a movie that could easily earn the title of a Romanian “The Room” (considered the world’s worst movie of all time). A multi-layered audio feature that guides the listener through hurtful memories, a series of accidents, narcissistic behaviour, laugh-out-loud moments, a fictitious movie festival and a big confrontation.

The podcast got rave reviews in Romania and climbed to #1 in TV&Film category. Without having the advertising budget or clout of popular podcasts in Romania, it still climbed in top 40 Romania.


Episode 1  with English subtitles


English Transcript for all episodes



Host & Producer: Alex Lungu

Script: Andreea Tănase & Alex Lungu

Edit: Alex Lungu

Mixing & Sound Design: Mara Mărăcinescu

Graphic Design: Anna Florea

Communication Officer: Daniela Ungureanu

Project Manager: Ana Turos

The project was co-financed by AFCN Romania (Administrația Fondului Cultural Național).


Total Podcast Length

5 hrs 1 min 9 secs.