English Transcript


Cel Mai Bun Film Prost (Best Worst Movie) is a narrative podcast about a movie that went missing without a trace.
Alex tries to find a 13 year old film that he worked on as a sound engineer. He wants to shed light on what happened and what went wrong as he talks to the entire crew, including Maia Morgenstern, the famous Romanian actress. A podcast about the Great Small failures of our times. About compromises, beginnings, searches, regrets and reconciliation. About us.


Host & Producer: Alex Lungu

Script: Andreea Tanase & Alex Lungu

Edit: Alex Lungu

Mixing & Sound Design: Mara Maracinescu

Graphic Design: Anna Florea

Communication Officer: Daniela Ungureanu

Project Manager: Ana Turos

The project was co-financed by AFCN Romania (Administratia Fondului Cultural National).


5 hrs 1 min 9 secs.